A Self-less Service Towards Mankind


Langar Sewa: COVID-19
A Self-less Service Towards Mankind

The COVID-19 pandemic marks an exceptional time in the history that requires the best of humanity to overcome.

Currently, due to the pandemic situation and consequent lockdown, the lives of vulnerable people, daily wage workers and the stranded migrants have been badly wreaked. They have lost their jobs due to the lockdown and have no means to feed their families now.

In this dreadful time of lockdown and global health crisis, ‘Jivitesh Foundation’ also commits to render its ‘Selfless Sewa’ to the esteemed administration of Delhi Government so that the distress of the needy people may be lessened in a way.

With all precautionary measures of social distancing, the foundation has already set up two kitchens: first in Karol Bagh and second in Dwarka and served on daily basis. During the food distribution, precautions are taken about social distancing, safety and sanitation of the people. More than 55,000 families have been provided with:

  • More than 1,25,000 no. of ready to eat cooked food.
  • 1,05,000 no of packaged mineral drinking water glasses.
  • 3,20,000 pieces of Vegetarian Sweet Snacks worth Rs. 16 Lakhs.

This noble cause is being done with the support of more than 70 volunteers the “SEWAKs” of Jivitesh Foundation at various shelters.

Facing challenges of lockdown and being bound by situation, the foundation is contributing towards additional spheres of Covid-19 which needs equal consideration and devotion. The Foundation is providing:

  • Free Ration Kits which include basic ration like Rice, Wheat, Spices, cooking oil, sugar, tea etc.
  • Protective Hygiene Kits including Sanitizers, Mask, etc.
  • Wholesome Langar to the pandemic-hit homeless in shelters, on roads, in slums, migrants and daily wage labourers. With the strict adherence to lockdown norms, the langar food is being distributed at – Karol Bagh, Nai Wala Road, Regar Pura beat no. 5, Raghubir Nagar.
  • Educating on personal protection and maintaining good hygienic so that the workers and other vulnerable people living on roads etc. are able to protect themselves against COVID 19.
  • A ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ drill was performed at government schools allocated by office of the District Administration in area of Jama Masjid, Padam Nagar, Gulabi Bagh. Understanding the importance of cleanliness and sanitation, people pledged to follow the same in their daily life.

Jivitesh Foundation is touching human lives during the hour of crisis by ensuring seamless distribution of hygienic ready to eat cooked food and packaged mineral drinking water to strengthen Government’s efforts in managing the challenges and adverse impact of corona virus in the country.