A Self-less Service Towards Mankind

Chairman's Message

Jivitesh Foundation is not just a foundation, its an expression of gratitude towards mankind. The way of achieving aforesaid goal is to do selfless ‘SEWA WITH LOVE’. The foundation has been incorporated to ensure not just ‘Access to Education for All’ but also enriching many lives, enabling them to feel part of this beautiful world.

First and foremost is “Education and Healthcare” which is essential for any society/economy, to prosper. The journey commenced in 2012, since then Jivitesh Foundation, along with its educated, professional and experienced board members, has been successfully providing diversified social services to the Indian communities with an aim to provide better education, healthcare and support services to needy.

Jivitesh Foundation with the support of local Administration has been engaging with communities/societies and has executed numerous initiatives in the area of education, welfare including pandemics. These do not just make economic sense; but also helping countless people across the country to provide them better living standards and assist in creating overall a better environment as a whole.

Entire team of Jivitesh Foundation is determined to build a sustainable society together. If you are like minded and passionate to contribute towards such noble cause, I call upon you to 'Come join the team to embrace the true religion of humanity'.

Jai Hind.

Sumit Sahni

Chairman, Jivitesh Foundation